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Glass Mica being an inorganic material is the most preferred insulation for High voltage application due its excellent resistance to corona. Mica paper is backed with polyester film on one or both sides, for voltages above 3.30 kv mica paper is wrapped on a wire which has a primary coating of class 200 enamel coating for increased dielectric strength, insulation increase ranges from 0.36 mm to 0.50 mm depending on the voltage level of the coil. Mica paper with polyester film is also available with adhesive coating for better bond strength and void free turn to turn insulation. Mica paper is normally applied in 2 to 3 layers as per customer requirement.
Mica-Polyester compounds generally comprise Mica paper on which a polyester film coat (PETP) is spread using an epoxy resin. Mica paper is a type of paper composed only of small strips of Mica with no admixture or bonding material (100% Mica).
Sam Dong supplies a comprehensive range of mica covered rectangular copper wires that are extensively used in the electrical and electronic industry. Our range is available in various standard as well as customized specifications at industry leading places.
Mica or PET + Mica Covered Rectangular Copper Wire is suitable for class ‘F’ (155°) insulation and it is applicable for manufacturing fields as below.

Application of Mica Covered Rectangular Conductors

High & Low Voltage Motors Generator windings Dry Type Transformers