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Double Fiber Glass Insulated Copper Conductors (DFGC) are used for winding coils of Electric Motor Stators, Generators, Special Transformers and High Voltage Motors where high mechanical strength & high insulation properties are required. Fibre Glass Covered Conductor is bonded with a Varnish for dielectric strength to improve mechanical properties.

Size Range

Rectangular (Strip)

Round (Wire)


4 mm to 16 mm

2 mm to 8 mm


1 mm to 5 mm

Insulation Range

0.175 mm (radial covering)  to  0.25 mm (radial covering)

Type of Insulating Material & Specification

Insulation Detail

Type of Insulation

Min. BDV (r.m.s) in Volts

Single / Double layer Fibre Glass Yarn, impregnated with “F” / “H” & “C” class Varnish on Bare Conductor

Single Covering (Gr.1)

350 V

Double Covering (Gr. 2)

560 V

Grade 2 Enamelled Conductor with

Single Covering with Gr. 2 enamelled (Gr.1)

1500 V

Double Covering with Gr.2 enamelled (Gr. 2)

2000 V

Applicable Indian Standards

IEC- 60317 (Part-0/Sec-4) / IS-13730 (Part-0/Sec-4), IS 13730 (PART 31) DFGC H-class, IS 13730 (part 32) DFGC F-Class, IS 13730 (PART 33) DFGC Temp Index 200

Indian Standards for Double Fiber Glass Covered Copper Conductors (DFGC)

IS 13730 (Part-0/Sec-4)

IS 13730 (PART 31) DFGC H-class

IS 13730 (part 32) DFGC F-Class

IS 13730 (PART 33) DFGC Temp Index 200